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    At Kum & Go we believe in empowering our customers with choice so we continue to invest in innovation at the pump so you can optimize your fueling experience.

    Learn more about the fuel choices below.



    Unleaded gasoline is sold in an 85 or 87 octane option – the octane level will depend on state level legislation. This product contains up to 10% ethanol, and is approved by all major automakers. This product is labeled as ‘super-unleaded’ in IA and NE.


    This gasoline option offers a slight boost in octane compared to the unleaded option, which equates to increased fuel economy. Midgrade gasoline is sold in an 87 through 89 octane option, and may or may not include up to 10% ethanol. Please see individual pump labeling to determine your store’s midgrade specifications.

    Premium & Premium Plus

    Premium gasoline products offer higher octane levels, ranging from 91 to 93 octane. The higher octane increases your engine’s resistance to knocking, which may lead to better performance and improved fuel economy in high compression engines. Kum & Go carries both ethanol and non-ethanol premium options in our network.


    E15 gasoline, which includes up to a 15% ethanol blend, has been approved for use in all 2001 and newer passenger vehicles as well as all Flex Fuel vehicles.

    E85 Flex Fuel

    E85 gasoline contains up to a 70% ethanol blend. This product will contain the highest blend of ethanol in our gasoline options. E85 should only be used in Flex Fuel vehicles.



    Xtreme Diesel is our premium diesel brand. We have partnered with Power Service, a leading diesel additive provider, to bring our customers a better diesel product. The series of additives provide a boost in cetane, improved lubricity, increased cold-weather performance, and premium detergents. Learn More

    Diesel Exhausted Fluid (DEF)

    DEF is a combination of urea and deionized water. The compound is used in diesel vehicles in order to create a cleaner exhaust. This product helps to keep heavy-duty trucks and machinery operating within federal emissions guidelines.

    Alternative Fuels

    Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

    CNG is a fuel which can be used in place of gas or diesel when burned in either vehicles manufactured for CNG use or properly modified internal combustion vehicles. CNG is made by compressing natural gas, primarily methane, to less than 1% of its standard atmospheric pressure. The product is odorless, colorless, and tasteless.

    Electric Charging Stations

    Kum & Go offers multiple types of charging stations for the growing electric vehicle (EV) market. An increasing amount of our locations now carry universal EV charging stations and Tesla Supercharger stations.

    Since 1997, Kum & Go has been a leader in distributing biofuel to customers. We offer biofuel alternatives in a number of our more than 400 stores as part of our commitment to the environment. These biofuel alternatives are important because they are what customers want and because they are better for our environment and that’s something we can all appreciate.

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