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    Kum & Go, in partnership with Power Service, is now the first certified Xtreme Diesel retailer. Xtreme Diesel fuel is enriched with advanced additives year-round to enhance your diesel vehicle's performance.

    Get More Power

    The cetane number is a measure of the ignition quality of fuel. Xtreme Diesel contains a cetane boost additive improving combustion within the cylinders. This means faster starts, increased power and up to 8% better fuel economy for your vehicle.

    Get More Out of Your Engine

    Power Service has found that 44% of diesel fuel is below the recommended lubrication level. Kum & Go Xtreme Diesel meets recommended lubrication levels because it contains a Slick Diesel Lubricator that prevents wear on fuel pumps and injectors.

    Get More Performance

    Buildup of internal diesel injector deposits (IDID) leads to loss of power, decreased fuel economy and increased emissions. Power Service developed High Pressure Common Rail Detergent Technology to prevent and remove injector deposits. This important additive is present year round in Kum & Go Xtreme Diesel.

    Get More When it's Cold

    Kum & Go Xtreme Diesel is winterized with Power Service additives that prevent fuel from gelling up or icing. During extremely cold weather, we double treat Xtreme Diesel with the winter additive to provide extra protection. When it gets really cold, you can count on Kum & Go Xtreme Diesel to perform for your vehicle.

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